The Stallion mixer is considered the benchmark in all industrial light duty mixing applications, and is easily identifiable by its distinctive aesthetic finish. The mixer drive is protected with a high gloss paint which is both low dirt collecting and resistant to chemical attack.

Designed for optimum rigidity, the shaft is engineered to operate within set critical speed parameters. The mixer’s shaft and impeller system is constructed from polished 316 stainless steel.

The modular design of components used in the Stallion range of mixers offers customers several configuration options, while facilitating shorter lead times.

The Stallion Hi-Flow impeller is fitted as standard and offers an extremely high performance per unit of power installed resulting in lower operating costs. Other impeller options are available for specific application requirements.

The lightweight aluminium housing ensures lower unit mass without sacrificing strength and durability. Other materials of construction are available should this be necessary.

The internal cup and gear arrangement ensures quiet and reliable operation making it suitable of use in confined spaces or where noise pollution is a factor.

The single reduction grease packed gearbox, which consists of an internal cup and gear arrangement, is an integral part of the mixer. It is designed to withstand all the normal loads encountered with mixer duties and is suitable for use in confined spaces or where noise pollution is a factor.

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Stallion Mixers
Stallion Mixers
Stallion Mixers
Stallion Mixers
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